Experienced Team
Committed to Renewable Energy
Community focused

Bringing clean, affordable wind, solar and battery storage projects to East and Southern Africa.

Field of solar panels with a blue sky

Upepo Energy is focused on delivering utility scale renewable energy projects to the developing nations of Sub-Saharan Africa where less than half of the population has access to electricity.

In addition to providing much needed electricity, Upepo’s energy projects bring local jobs, technology transfer, investment capital, improved roads and added community services through employment, local taxes and project backed Community Trust Funds.

The Upepo Team brings decades of utility and independent power development, construction and operations experience to bear to stimulate economic development and improve communities.

Experienced Team.  Comprised of seasoned energy project developers from the US, Tanzania and Zambia, the Upepo Team has brought over 20 new projects on line representing over $3 billion in new investment.

Committed to Renewable Energy.  The Upepo Team has developed and put in service over 1,500MW of renewable energy projects. Upepo Energy means utility scale renewable energy done right.

Community Focused.  The host community is at the heart of every Upepo project. Our focus on local community needs and environmental conditions results in strong community support for each of our projects.

Energy battery storage facility

Project Profiles

Utility scale renewable energy projects done in concert with African communities. Click below for information about three of our projects.

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Why wind power, solar power and battery storage?

Near-term solution to over-reliance on hydro power

Hedge against price escalation of carbon-based fuels

Compatibility with hydro, natural gas, geothermal

Opportunity for export of electricity to neighbors

Reduces line losses at grid extremes

Rural infrastructure development:  electricity, roads and community focused water system and health system improvements.

Illustration of windmills with wind depicted as light blue lines

Unparalleled Industry and Regional Experience

Quality Design, Construction, Technology Partnerships

Track Record of Community-Driven Development

Dedication to Technology Transfer and Use of Local Labor

Upepo is the most experienced renewable energy development team operating in East and Southern Africa today.

Focused on the Community

Our industry-leading team is based in Tanzania, Zambia and the U.S., with a breadth of renewable energy industry and Sub-Saharan African Experience. We believe that the path to sustainable energy begins with healthy communities. A crucial part of our approach to development is working with community leaders to build lasting partnerships focused on fostering thriving local communities through education.

Councilors Aziza Kinuda and Debora Ituka
Masaiti villagers convene to discuss the wind farm with Upepo and the Chieftainess.
Two children stand at a well filling buckets with water at the Singida Solar Project site.
Goat graze on dry grasslands in the Singida Solar Project area.