Singida Solar – Singida Municipality, Tanzania

Singida Solar – dry, rocky terrain with sparce vegetation is typical on this site and in the surrounding area.

Singida Solar is a 45 megawatt solar farm located in Singida Municipality in a zone specially created for solar energy production.  Singida Municipal officials had the foresight to designate this area as a solar power zone to help with local power supply needs.

Using rocky, marginally productive grass lands for electric production will help stabilize local electric supply, provide jobs and fund social amenities such as schools and clinics.

Utilizing the area’s abundant solar resources, and located close to the Singida Substation, this plant will reduce transmission losses assist in stabilizing the local and national transmission grid.  Local support for the project is strong and this project is the only solar project in the region that was bid into the recent utility (TANESCO) request for proposals.

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