Upepo Energy Center – Singida, Tanzania

Upepo community outreach

The Upepo Energy Center is a phased, 200 megawatt wind farm in Central Tanzania. Tanzania’s power supply is barely adequate to meet current needs and is far short of projected needs.  About half of Tanzania’s electricity is generated by hydro-electric facilities and the other half is from oil and gas.  Hydro-electric output is highly variable as it is rainfall dependent and oil and gas suffer from wide price swings.

Wisely, Tanzania has embarked on an initiative that would increase the country’s integration of lower cost, reliable green energy and has tasked government agencies to advance the development of wind power and solar projects. The Upepo Energy Center is poised to be the first utility scale wind farm in the nation.

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, Upepo has already repaired a reservoir and drilled three deep water wells on the wind farm site.  Going forward, the operating project will contribute annually to a Community Trust Fund which will be locally run and will focus on local social needs including extending the electricity infrastructure, improving schools and creating, suppling and staffing health clinics.

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