Our Approach

Upepo’s business is developing utility scale renewable energy projects in Africa.

Our management team of Tanzanians, Zambians and Americans has brought over 1,500MW of renewable projects on line in the past 15 years. We know how to develop viable energy projects that meet the needs of utility off-takers and financial institutions.

However, what really sets Upepo apart from other developers is our focus on local stakeholders. Our projects start on the ground, in the community. And we never forget that the community that we are in, the land that we have leased and the projects that we create – are only possible with the support of the local community. Without the community, we have no project.

For Upepo, this is not an abstract concept of social responsibility or a corporate slogan. We invite you to visit any of our projects and to talk with local officials and local farmers.

The photo below captures the spirit of the moment. The Singida District Council in Singida, Tanzania grilled Upepo representatives for four hours concerning our proposed wind farm project in that community. Satisfied that they had examined every facet of that project and found it good for the community, the Singida District Council voted unanimously in favor of the project. Then Mr. Elias Digha, Council Chairman, insisted that that the District Council members and the Upepo Team take a commemorative photo.

Ceremonial photo of group at the Singida District Council in March 2017.

Sustainable Development Goals

Incorporating positive societal outcomes through measures across SDGs:

Illustration of a flower with a $ as the bloom.

Local Economic Development

Upepo’s energy projects bring electricity, jobs, technology transfer, investment capital, improved roads and added community services through local taxes and project backed Community Trust Funds.

Illustration of a light bulb with a stylized world inside the glass.

Addressing Climate Change

Wind, solar and battery storage projects are a viable alternative for new power generation to augment the existing hydro-electric facilities.  Unlike fossil fuel plants, these renewable energy plants require no water to operate and they emit no greenhouse gasses.

Illustration of a sun with a power cord extending out of it.

Rural Electrification

Rural electrification is a key to economic development across Africa.  Upepo’s renewable projects bring power generation to locations that need power supply benefiting the local and regional residents while reducing line losses and stabilizing the grid.

Illustration of a hand holding a piece of fruit.

Focusing on Community Needs

From the start of development and throughout operations, Upepo works closely with its host communities to improve health, education and local livelihoods.  Working directly with community leaders and residents, Upepo first listens to community needs and then provides resources to address those needs.

Public Hearings are an integral part of project development activities.

Upepo Team members confer during the Singida District Council hearing on the Upepo Energy Center project proposal.  As noted above, after four hours of presentation and questions and answers, the District Council voted unanimously in favor of the project.

Upepo community outreach
Upepo team stands in front of a well under construction in the Msikii Village

Corporate social responsibility is in our DNA at Upepo.

The Upepo Team is on site for the drilling of deep water well in the Village of Msiki, Tanzania on the Upepo Energy Center site.  Local residents indicated that improved water systems were the most urgent need in the area.  During development Upepo installed three wells with solar powered pumps, 10,000 liter holding tanks and taps for clean water.  Msiki historically had cholera outbreaks every year – there have been no cholera outbreaks in the four years since the installation of that well.

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